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Sunshine Pools of Naples is a locally owned and operated business - proud to serve Southwest Florida and the surrounding area.

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Our team of pool professionals are well-trained and experienced with hundreds of top-notch pool installations over the years.

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Our quality workmanship and reliability have earned us the trust of your Southwest Florida friends and neighbors.

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An ENERGY STAR certified pool pump can keep the green in your pocket and out of your pool.

Pool pumps can be one of the most expensive appliances to run in your house, which is why it's important to select the right pump for your usage.

Most Jandy variable-speed pool pumps are ENERGY STAR certified, saving homeowners more than $1,100 per year* over energy consuming single-speed pumps.

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Three Types of Pool Pumps

Single and Two-Speed Pool Pump Company in Southwest Florida

Single & Two-Speed Pool Pumps

Single-speed pumps run at one consistent speed while two-speed pumps can be set to full or half-speed for more cost-effective operation. If you'll only use your pool a few months, a single or two speed pump may be the perfect pump for your pool.

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Variable Speed Pool Pumps

If you use your pool year-round, if electricity is expensive where you live, or if you have a large pool, attached spa or decorative water features, a variable-speed pump may be your best bet for cost-saving operation.

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Specialty Pool Pumps

Transform your backyard into an oasis with pumps that power water features and waterfalls.

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Starting July 19, 2021, all swimming pool pumps will be required to meet new energy efficiency standards set by the federal Department of Energy (DOE). These new regulations will determine the Weighted Energy Factor (WEF) of a pool pump, which measures in gallons per watt per hour – similar to how you measure a car's efficiency with MPG – a higher WEF means a more efficient pool pump. This replaces the current measurement standard of motor horsepower (HP) which measures RPM.

The good news ... the pumps we use from Jandy are variable-speed pumps that already meet the standards. So, if you're looking to purchase a new pump for your swimming pool now, you don't have to wait. Your pool professional will be able to assist you in prescribing the best pool pump for your specific pool.

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