Planning a pool for your backyard is one of the most exciting projects imaginable for a homeowner. Choosing the design of your pool should be a fun part of the process, but with so many options, it can leave you wondering which pool design is the best. Personal preference is always a huge factor, but it helps to know that some designs work better for certain homes and yards than others. As a top-rated Naples pool builder, Sunshine Pools of Naples is happy to help you explore the variety of beautiful options available for your new backyard oasis. 

Pool Designs in Southwest Florida

The design of your pool will play a big role in the look and feel of your yard as well as the experience of enjoying the pool itself. When trying to decide what pool design is right for your Southwest Florida property, it helps to compare all available options, including freeform pools, geometric pools, infinity edge pools, and zero-entry pools. 

Freeform Pools in Southwest Florida

A freeform pool allows you to create a shape that is best suited to the space you have available or maybe to express your individual style with an artistic outline. This pool design complements a yard with unique landscaping or even a smaller yard that, at first glance, appears to not have enough space for a pool. The shape and size are completely up to you. With the help of your Naples pool builder, you can create a design with flowing lines and curves that resemble a natural body of water or any custom shape you imagine, like a heart or a guitar. Freeform pools can be made to look like they have always been a part of the landscape, whether you choose a natural or eclectic design for your Naples residential custom pool. Speak with the expert design and construction team at Sunshine Pools of Naples to create a pool perfectly shaped for your yard.

Geometric Pools for Southwest Florida Homes

A geometric pool can be an excellent finishing touch to the backyard of a home with modern architecture or a property with a large, open backyard making it a great choice for a Naples residential custom pool. Features, like raised space or waterfalls, add interest to the clean lines and timeless look. Popular geometric pool designs have shapes like circles, squares, and rectangles. A geometric pool with an infinity edge is a beautiful way to enhance your space if your yard offers a view beyond your property line. Whatever shape you choose, Sunshine Pools is a custom Naples pool builder that can bring your vision to life. 

The Mesmerizing Effect of Infinity Edge Pools 

Also known as a “vanishing edge” pool, an infinity pool is considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing pool designs. This type of pool appears as if it never ends and seamlessly blends into the surrounding landscape. If your property features a gorgeous view, the water flowing over one or more edges of the infinity edge pool will magnify the beauty of your space even further. It requires a skilled Naples residential custom pool builder, like Sunshine Pools, to install this design. While an infinity pool is a bit more expensive than a traditional pool, it creates an upscale, luxurious look that is well worth it for the right property. 

Zero-Entry Pools for Naples, FL homes

If you’re looking for a pool design with benefits that include both aesthetics and functionality, the seamless transition between land and water offered by a zero-entry pool could be the right pool design for you. Also known as the “beach entry pool” or “walk-in pool,” this is quickly becoming one of the most popular luxury pool options. The sloped entrance offers many advantages, including ease of entry without the use of steps or a ladder, a shallow area for young children to play in, and the option to sunbathe or feel the cool pool water without getting all the way into the pool. The sloped entry requires a bit more space than a traditional pool, so this design is best suited for larger yards unless you choose a partial slope. Whatever your situation, your qualified Naples custom pool builder will be able to design a solution for you. 

Custom Pool Design with Your Expert Naples Pool Builders!

Naples residential custom pools come in an array of shapes, sizes, and exciting options, and Sunshine Pools of Naples is well-equipped to design the right one for you! Talk to our pool professionals, who are happy to help you with your custom design and, of course, any questions you have along the way. Call us at (239) 404-2991 or contact us online to start a conversation with our friendly staff about your custom pool design!